Back for Tuesday Karaoke at Bush

After Denny’s party a few of us went over to Bush Gardens for an additional round of karaoke. #Sqlkaraoke round two (@ Bush Garden Restaurant in Seattle, WA) — Ed Watson (@SQLGator) October 26, 2016 OH HAI Bush Garden! #sqlkaraoke — Doug Lane (@thedouglane) October 26, 2016 Better than picking our own songs, Josh…

SQL Karaoke with Denny Cherry

Last night was the return of the annual #SQLKaraoke party, backed by a real band, that is hosted by Denny Cherry & Associates. The party was sponsored by SIOS and Idera. A big thanks to all for of them for yet another awesome night. If you haven’t already, please go and thank them personally for the…

Back to Bush Gardens

This past Sunday we went back to Bush Gardens, and by we, I mean Kathi andmyself.  Sundays are usually a quiet time at Bush Gardens, so we went to get a few songs in, and didn’t announce it too much. Shhhhhh, there might be some karaoke going on at Bush Gardens #sqlkaraoke — Jason Strate…

“Unofficial” SQLKaraoke From Monday

The official SQLKaraoke event is planned for Wednesday, but that didn’t stop about 40 people from cabbing down to Bush Gardens last night.  There were songs, friends, long islands, and laughter to fill the entire venue.  We found out a new Bush Gardens pro tip last night.  It turns out the KJ has more than…

Welcome to SQLKaraoke!

Welcome to SQLKaraoke! This new site is designed with the idea of making sure people know when there will be SQLKaraoke and showing people what SQLKaraoke is. Enjoy. Jason and Jess singing Karaoke at SQL Saturday Chicago last year.

Rocking the 80s with Rock Me Amadeus

Sometimes it takes a couple backup dancers, such as Mark Vaillancourt (Blog | @markvsql) and Doug Lane (Blog | @thedouglane), to make a song a bit bearable. Got a video of SQLKaraoke? Shoot it over to

A Little R. Kelly at SQL Karaoke

Want a taste of SQL Karaoke? Here’s myself and Aaron Nelson (Blog | @SQLVariant) giving a try at Bump ‘n Grind by R. Kelly. This was from earlier this year at the MVP Summit. Got a video of SQLKaraoke? Shoot it over to

Two More Videos From Last Night’s Adventure

Got through all of the videos and permission came back to post a couple more video.  The first one is Jason Strate (blog | @stratesql) and Jes Schultz Borland (Blog | @grrl_geek) singing the old standard “Paradise By The Dashboard Lights”. Next is Jason again singing another rendition of “Blue”. Of course, it is easy…

Hi-Ho, Let’s Karaoke!

This isn’t a long video or post, but it does have a few seconds of why networking after hours at the PASS Summit can be a blast. Elvira from Jason Strate on Vimeo.

PASS Summit Timewarp

In just a few months, it will be time for the PASS Summit again.  If you are on the fence on whether to go, then put yourself into a “time warp” to imagine the kind of fun you could have doing some SQLKaraoke at the summit.