Some MVPs at the MVP Summit

I’m not sure how I missed this video, but it seems someone found out about the SQL Server MVPs sneaking off to Bush Gardens at the MVP Summit.  The video is about 15 minutes and it’s a pretty dang good compilation of the night. Got a video of SQLKaraoke? Shoot it over to

Rock N Roll Lifestyle

You’ve been there, you know this is true.  Find a good SQL Karaoke, just plain karaoke, picture?  Send it to

Myths About SQL Karaoke

As the PASS Summit approaches, we are already getting excited for SQL Karaoke! Interestingly, some of the talk on twitter leads me to believe that there are many crazy rumors out there about what happens on #SQLKaraoke night. I want to assure you, this is a night for EVERYONE (well, except for children). Here’s what…

Even Spouses will SQL Karaoke

Were you aware that SQLKaraoke is a family event?  If so, then you are a bit more wrong and twisted than I am.  It is, though, open to spouses.  What’s fun for me is getting Sarah Strate (Blog | @DanceM0m), my wife, to go up and sing songs that I think make her sound cute. Here’s…

One Week… Since PASS

It’s been a week since PASS ended and I’m still trying to figure out if I got any good videos (and then getting permission to post them).  In the mean time, here’s Doug Lane (Blog | @thedouglane) from last year.

Interview with Kathi Kellenberger

When you go out to a night of SQL Karaoke, there are a lot of people that you’ll meet.  One of them is Kathi Kellenberger (Blog | @auntkathi).  She’s been the one of the driving forces behind SQL Karaoke over the years.  Frankly, I probably wouldn’t be singing any karaoke today if it were not for Kathi.  Here’s…

Blister in the Sun – Rockaroke

Did you know that sometimes when we SQL Karaoke, there is also a live band?  Last year at the MVP Summit, Microsoft brought in a band to spice up the karaoke.  Here’s clip of Grant Fritchey (Blog | @GFritchey) doing a rendition of Blister in the Sun.  Looks like a hit to me. Got a video…

Karaoke Is Illogical

Is it really illogical?  It’s more logical than NoSQL, isn’t it?  Find a good SQL Karaoke, just plain karaoke, picture?  Send it to

Time Spent At Karaoke

Maybe we aren’t singing any Will Smith, but there are a few other songs that fit this bit.  Find a good SQL Karaoke, just plain karaoke, picture?  Send it to

Interview with Colin Stasiuk

SQL Karaoke is a great place to meet up with people in the SQL Server community.  To help lower the bar and get people to come out for the first time, we are meeting a number of the regulars in these weekly interviews.  This week we have Colin Stasiuk (Blog | @ColinStasiuk) who is a great…

Rocking the 80s with Rock Me Amadeus

Sometimes it takes a couple backup dancers, such as Mark Vaillancourt (Blog | @markvsql) and Doug Lane (Blog | @thedouglane), to make a song a bit bearable. Got a video of SQLKaraoke? Shoot it over to

A Little R. Kelly at SQL Karaoke

Want a taste of SQL Karaoke? Here’s myself and Aaron Nelson (Blog | @SQLVariant) giving a try at Bump ‘n Grind by R. Kelly. This was from earlier this year at the MVP Summit. Got a video of SQLKaraoke? Shoot it over to