Your Song with Colin

If you’ve been wondering where the PASS Summit 2012 SQL Karaoke videos are, the wait is over.  Here’s Colin Stasiuk (Blog | @ColinStasiuk) wooing the SQL folks with a little Your Song.

Welcome to SQLKaraoke!

Welcome to SQLKaraoke! This new site is designed with the idea of making sure people know when there will be SQLKaraoke and showing people what SQLKaraoke is. Enjoy. Jason and Jess singing Karaoke at SQL Saturday Chicago last year.

It Isn’t Always Jager at #SQLKaraoke

If you’ve been to a SQLKaraoke night, you may have noticed a shot of jager or two on the tables.  Earlier this year, down at SQL Rally, Jorge Segarra (Blog | @SQLChicken) showed us all that sometime we need a little Gin & Juice. SQLRally – SQLChicken – Gin & Juice from Jason Strate on…

Time Spent At Karaoke

Maybe we aren’t singing any Will Smith, but there are a few other songs that fit this bit.  Find a good SQL Karaoke, just plain karaoke, picture?  Send it to

Karaoke Is Illogical

Is it really illogical?  It’s more logical than NoSQL, isn’t it?  Find a good SQL Karaoke, just plain karaoke, picture?  Send it to

SQLKaraoke at the PASS Summit

It’s just two more weeks until the PASS Summit.  If you’ve been living under a box, you might not have heard about SQL Karaoke.  So, if that’s you, let’s break it all down. The Movement A few years back Kathi Kellenberger (Blog | @auntkathi) took Thomas LaRock (Blog | @SQLRockstar) out for a little karaoke. …

Bump n Grind – Jason and Colin

Colin Stasiuk (Blog | @ColinStasiuk) and Jason Strate (Blog| @StrateSQL) (and later the KJ) wooing everyone with Bump n Grind at PASS Summit 2012.  

Interview with Colin Stasiuk

SQL Karaoke is a great place to meet up with people in the SQL Server community.  To help lower the bar and get people to come out for the first time, we are meeting a number of the regulars in these weekly interviews.  This week we have Colin Stasiuk (Blog | @ColinStasiuk) who is a great…

SQL Karaoke – MVP Style

As is typical when a bunch of SQL Server Professionals get together, karaoke is happening. When? RIGHT NOW! The MVPs have gathered in Seattle for their Summit. They are having a huge party at the CenturyLink Field. Part of this party includes SQLRockaroke. I am watching the posts and pictures on Twitter, and it looks…

Rocking the 80s with Rock Me Amadeus

Sometimes it takes a couple backup dancers, such as Mark Vaillancourt (Blog | @markvsql) and Doug Lane (Blog | @thedouglane), to make a song a bit bearable. Got a video of SQLKaraoke? Shoot it over to

SQL Karaoke Interviews

I know a lot of people that go out to the SQL Karaoke events at PASS and SQL Saturday events.  The world, or rather this site, wants to know who you are.  So, let’s do some mock interviews… anyone interested, please apply… Who are you? When did you first SQLKaraoke? What is your favorite SQLKaraoke…