SQLKaraoke at SQLRally

Are you heading to SQLRally in May?  If so, make sure you check out the SQLKaraoke event.  Last year, a couple unnamed people managed to blow the fuse for the entire block in the middle of song from our group.  This will be a good opportunity to get out and experience what happens when people…

Interview with Josh Fennessy

When you go out to a night of SQL Karaoke, there are a lot of people that you’ll meet.  For our interview this week, I sent a copy of the interview to Josh Fennessy (Blog | @joshuafennessy).  Unfortunately, I forgot to change the email introduction from when I sent it Denny Cherry (Blog | @MrDenny).  Josh,…

How We Feel About SQL Karaoke?

Courtesy of Josh Fennessy (Blog | @joshuafennessy).  Find a good SQL Karaoke, just plain karaoke, picture?  Send it to pictures@sqlkaraoke.com.

The End of the World with Eddie

Here’s Eddie Wuerch (Blog | @EddieW) knocking out The End of the World by R.E.M.  Definitely great to see him nailing the tempo on this one.

Interview with Jes Borland

As we’ve mentioned here before, SQL Karaoke is a great place to meet up with people in the SQL Server community.  This week, we are meeting Jes Borland (Blog | @grrl_geek) – one of the most energetic bundles of SQL spirit that we have in the community.  Here you folks go with Jes’s answers to our…

Tik Tok – Jorge and Jason – Rockaraoke

Jorge Segarra (Blog | @SQLChicken) and Jason Strate (Blog | @StrateSQL) killing (as in terrible, or at least Jason is) Tik Tok at the Pragmatic Works Rockarocke during the PASS Summit 2012.

My First SQLKaraoke Experience

Once upon a time (12 or so years ago), I thought karaoke was geeky. Who would want to stand in front of a bunch of people and sing? I could understand if it was a choir event, or you are starring in a musical, but really? At a bar??? Then, my two best friends, brought…

Desperado – Tim MItchell

Check out Tim Mitchel (Blog | @tim_mitchell) dishing out some karaoke with Desperado.  While a couple years old, this is a good clip, none the less.

SQL Karaoke is Approaching

As SQL Geeks all over the U.S. and beyond know, the PASS Summit is coming up in just a month and a half or so…. for many people, that means SQLKaraoke. It appears that for some, the countdown isn’t to the Summit itself, it’s to the networking, seeing friends, and sqlkaraoke. Of course, there is…

People Who Do Karaoke

I heard this is true for a few of us.  Find a good SQL Karaoke, just plain karaoke, picture?  Send it to pictures@sqlkaraoke.com.