PASS Summit 2012 – aka A Week of #SQLKaraoke

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since the PASS Summit! We spent 4 nights singing our hearts out, and had very little voice left by the end of the week to prove it! We went to Bush Garden Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights. Wow! That’s a lot of singing! Random animals…

We Can Do BI – Mark – Rockaraoke

Mark Vaillancourt (Blog | @markvsql) throwing down a BI parody at the Pragmatic Works SQL Rockaroke event during  PASS Summit 2012. For those looking for the lyrics to record their own rendition, here you go: Mmmm Dddd Xxxx Dddd Aaaa Xxxx B I [spoken] We’ll do BI if we want to We can leave OLTP behind And if…

Two More Videos From Last Night’s Adventure

Got through all of the videos and permission came back to post a couple more video.  The first one is Jason Strate (blog | @stratesql) and Jes Schultz Borland (Blog | @grrl_geek) singing the old standard “Paradise By The Dashboard Lights”. Next is Jason again singing another rendition of “Blue”. Of course, it is easy…

Tik Tok – Colin and Jason –

Colin Stasiuk (Blog | @ColinStasiuk) and Jason Strate (Blog| @StrateSQL) kicking out the baby-making music with a little Wicked Game at PASS Summit 2012.

Hi-Ho, Let’s Karaoke!

This isn’t a long video or post, but it does have a few seconds of why networking after hours at the PASS Summit can be a blast. Elvira from Jason Strate on Vimeo.

Wicked Game by Colin

Colin Stasiuk (Blog | @ColinStasiuk) kicking out the baby-making music with a little Wicked Game at PASS Summit 2012.

PASS Summit Timewarp

In just a few months, it will be time for the PASS Summit again.  If you are on the fence on whether to go, then put yourself into a “time warp” to imagine the kind of fun you could have doing some SQLKaraoke at the summit.

I Got You, Babe!

There may be a lot of background noise, but here’s a SQL Karaoke clip that shows that some of us actually have some talent.  In this clip, Kathi Kellenberger (Blog | @auntkathi) and Tim Mitchel (Blog | @tim_mitchell) are belting out a karaoke classic. Tim and Kathi – I Got You Babe from Jason Strate on…