Tik Tok – Jorge and Jason – Rockaraoke

Jorge Segarra (Blog | @SQLChicken) and Jason Strate (Blog | @StrateSQL) killing (as in terrible, or at least Jason is) Tik Tok at the Pragmatic Works Rockarocke during the PASS Summit 2012.

Desperado – Tim MItchell

Check out Tim Mitchel (Blog | @tim_mitchell) dishing out some karaoke with Desperado.  While a couple years old, this is a good clip, none the less.

SQL Karaoke is Approaching

As SQL Geeks all over the U.S. and beyond know, the PASS Summit is coming up in just a month and a half or so…. for many people, that means SQLKaraoke. It appears that for some, the countdown isn’t to the Summit itself, it’s to the networking, seeing friends, and sqlkaraoke. Of course, there is…

Even Spouses will SQL Karaoke

Were you aware that SQLKaraoke is a family event?  If so, then you are a bit more wrong and twisted than I am.  It is, though, open to spouses.  What’s fun for me is getting Sarah Strate (Blog | @DanceM0m), my wife, to go up and sing songs that I think make her sound cute. Here’s…

One Week… Since PASS

It’s been a week since PASS ended and I’m still trying to figure out if I got any good videos (and then getting permission to post them).  In the mean time, here’s Doug Lane (Blog | @thedouglane) from last year.

Your Song with Colin

If you’ve been wondering where the PASS Summit 2012 SQL Karaoke videos are, the wait is over.  Here’s Colin Stasiuk (Blog | @ColinStasiuk) wooing the SQL folks with a little Your Song.

SQLKaraoke at the PASS Summit

It’s just two more weeks until the PASS Summit.  If you’ve been living under a box, you might not have heard about SQL Karaoke.  So, if that’s you, let’s break it all down. The Movement A few years back Kathi Kellenberger (Blog | @auntkathi) took Thomas LaRock (Blog | @SQLRockstar) out for a little karaoke. …

Bump n Grind – Jason and Colin

Colin Stasiuk (Blog | @ColinStasiuk) and Jason Strate (Blog| @StrateSQL) (and later the KJ) wooing everyone with Bump n Grind at PASS Summit 2012.  

Picture – Colin

Colin Stasiuk (Blog | @ColinStasiuk) kicking out the baby-making music with a little Wicked Game at PASS Summit 2012.

PASS Summit 2012 – aka A Week of #SQLKaraoke

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since the PASS Summit! We spent 4 nights singing our hearts out, and had very little voice left by the end of the week to prove it! We went to Bush Garden Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights. Wow! That’s a lot of singing! Random animals…