What is SQLKaraoke?

Glad you asked.  At first, this question begs for the Harley Davidson answer, “it you don’t know the you wouldn’t understand.”  Fortunately, we’re not quite like that in the SQL Server community, so let me explain.  SQLKaraoke is what happens at SQL Server events after we’re done being serious.  It is our evenings when we have a couple drinks and let it all loose.  It’s about spending time with your peers and admiring them for more than their skills with SQL Server.  It’s time to “admire” their skills at singing.

While many of us can actually sing, there are a few William Shatners in the group.  It’s a good time where peers and names in the community become friends and trusted advisors.  Though – we may not trust you to pick out the next song that we sing.

Who can contribute?

Everyone can contribute.  This site is meant to aggregate what happens at SQLKaraoke events and get the word out.  If you want to write a post or two, then drop a message to support@sqlkaraoke.com and we’ll get you hooked in with the details.

Take me down!

Understandably there will be some that aren’t thrilled with there performances or getting caught with the SQLKaraoke bug. We understand that and if you get captured unexpectedly, let us know and we’ll drop the video or post. It’s about having fun, not about embarrassing people.