SQL Sat/Karaoke Chicago 2017

Just me, being a dork!

Last weekend, Jason Strate (@StrateSQL) and I attended the SQLSaturday in Chicago. As usual, this event was very busy, and well run. I spent most of the day in the Speaker Room, chatting with friends I haven’t seen in a long time, working on my Dancem0m blog, and going through pictures on my computer.

Jason playing Dig Dug on the machine he set a high score on.


After all the SQLSaturday presentations were over, we headed over to a very cool place called Level 257 for the after party. This was a very cool Pac Man themed arcade/bowling alley/restaurant and bar. I had a delicious burger with egg and avocado on it – yum. I also had a delicious cocktail called the Power Pac Punch or something like that. It was pink, it was sweet, it was dangerously good. I was a good girl, and only had one!

2017-03-11 20.17.18
One of Jason’s several high scores he set that night.

We all got a game card with $10 in game play on it. Being that most of us were “around” 40, this place was like reliving our childhood. It was an 80’s gamer’s dream come true. I played Galaga, Centipede, Tetris, and pinball. Jason played Dig Dug (he got a high score on one machine), Q*Bert (he also got the high score on one machine), Addams’ Family pinball (he got another high score), and Pac Man. We did not bowl, but some people did. One of my favorite highlights from the night, was playing head-to-head Tetris with Jen McCown (one half of @MidnightDBA). She called me a Tetris Shark, but still managed to do better than me in the end. I’m telling you, it’s that darn music… After that, I played head-to-head with Shelly Noll (@Shellynoll). Watching Jason get high scores, and watching the McCowns play Pac Man side-by-side were also pretty fun.

Jen and Sean McCown playing games side by side.

After we were done playing at Level 257, a bunch of us went to a small karaoke bar called The Hideout. It was fairly busy, but everyone who wanted to, got a turn to sing. It was a fun little place. The system of signing up to sing was a little messed up… each person could only request one song at a time. Jason had a song in, but as it started getting busier, he decided to put the next one in to make sure he stayed in the queue. When his turn came to sing, his first choice was overwritten by the second choice. It was a bit frustrating.

As with any other karaoke bar, there were some people who were good, and some who were… well, not so good. We learned that it’s not a good idea to do a “mic drop.”  One member of our group got a talking to by the KJ for doing that…

All in all, it was a fun day, and a fun night. I always look forward to our weekends in Chicago!


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