Last Night of Bush Gardens for PASS Summit 2016

We made it to the end of this year’s PASS Summit and after a quiet dinner, it was time finish off the night at our favorite Bush Gardens. Just to make sure that we got plenty of seating, some of us stared arriving at 8:30, which is an hour before karaoke begins.

We had a lot of folks out and a lot of us got some photos with Kathi. We enjoyed that it was her birthday.

Of course, we had the glow sticks and mirrored balls to make our karaoke a bit fabulous.

And no night woud be complete without some masks

Of course, we had music. One of the first songs was from Rob Farley singing Two Pinces.

Kathi and Dave sang some Jackson by Johnny Cash…

Then there was Josh…

And Jamey with Don’t Stop Believing…

Deborah sang a little Soak Up the Sun.

And Wendy with And I, and then Dave back with Wendy.

Jarod knocked out I’ll Be…

And then there was more playing with masks and mirrored balls…

By the time the KJ arrived we probably had 40 songs queued up. And it wasn’t too long into the night before the KJ announced no more requests.

And to get us going once the queue was closed, we had Jamey again for Deperado.

Then it was my turn with Tik Tok…

Doug was there for some Turn To Stone…

AJ sang Minnie the Moocher, which is one of my favorite songs…

After a unicorn tip, Mickey and I were back up for some Funky Town.

Before the end of the night, Josh and I sang some Bad Touch, probably our best performance to date.

Before the end of the night, we visited the couches in the bathrooms again.

And to finish our time at Bush, here’s the best send off.

A few of us needed a bit more to the night and made a traditional stop to 13 Coins.

We were loud and it had an effect that lasted into the trip home…

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