Pragmatic Works SQL Karaoke at Hard Rock Cafe

Yesterday, after the exhibitor party, Pragmatic Works hosted their fifth annual karaoke party at the Hard Rock Cafe. For those that made it out there, it looks like it was a great time. Take a moment to stop by their booth today to thank them for the event.

If you had a beer or two or you missed out on the night, here are some of the things you might have missed throughout the night. And now… it’s time for SQL Karaoke…

Pragmatic Works kicks things off with SQL Karaoke with a live band.

There was even a little happy birthday followed by What’s Going On?

And people rocked and they rolled

Everyone got in Living on a Prayer

The crowd even got rick rolled

We all found some sweet home Alabama

Don’t you forget about me

Some of the SQL ladies wanted everyone to know that girls just wanna have fun

And it was a great night

Got anything else to share from karaoke?  Let me know and we’ll get it in here.  And as always, we’ll drop anything out if you want.

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