SQL Karaoke with Denny Cherry

Last night was the return of the annual #SQLKaraoke party, backed by a real band, that is hosted by Denny Cherry & Associates. The party was sponsored by SIOS and Idera. A big thanks to all for of them for yet another awesome night. If you haven’t already, please go and thank them personally for the event and see how they can help your organization with their offerings.

Without further ado, let’s recap the night. Denny (@mrdenny) kicked off the night with a quick speech where he did a lot of pointing towards the sky.

But after Denny there was some actual singing.

And some not quite singing.

Then there was some Bon Jovi.

And Rob brought out Major Tom

Chuck belted out a tune for us.

And we had a bit of Vanilla Ice.

Beyong the karaoke, these events are a good opportunity to meet with friends, and make now friends (some of which may be hippos).

Overall, everyone connected and met newfamily members within our community.

Got anything else to share from Denny’s party?  Let me know and we’ll get it in here.  And as always, we’ll drop anything out if you want.

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