Monday at Bush Gardens

Of course, we’re back at Bush Gardens on Monday.  And this time, it was pretty much a PASS gathering.  Before arriving for karaoke last night, Bob made sure I knew that people were coming.

As our new community evanelist, Cathrine made sure folks were coming out.  We probably had 40 to 50 folks at Bush Gardens last night and many of them were first timers.

With this many folks, there was going to be some great SQL Karaoke.

Some came to make sure the couch was still there, and the couch delivered.

First timers for both the Summit and karaoke came out, with some belting out karaoke for the first time.

One of my favorite singers, Jamey, sang Purple Rain.

Of course, Catherine and Lindsay got up for some karaoke.

Tim and Adam had a little bromance and found out they were not all out of love.


Another year goes by and I still can’t sing.

And with any night of karaoke, some strange things can occur.

Got anything else to share from Monday night?  Let me know and we’ll get it in here.  And as always, we’ll drop anything out if you want.

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