Back to Bush Gardens

This past Sunday we went back to Bush Gardens, and by we, I mean Kathi andmyself.  Sundays are usually a quiet time at Bush Gardens, so we went to get a few songs in, and didn’t announce it too much.

It was a bit surprising to see that the place was packed, there was a birthday party going on and at least 50 people in the place.  A usual Sunday has about 5-10 people in past years.  Just to make sure nothing was off with the place, we checked in on the couch, it’s still there.

We did find out some sad news, it appears the building that has Bush Gardens has been sold and it will be closing.  They are open month to month through December but nothing is known past that.

And we’re finding this out after Kathi figured out we’ve been going to Bush Gardens for 10 years.

While it was just the two of us, it was a great time.

Per the usual, I “sang” Tik Tok, the rest of the folks there were a little confused.  They just drank more PBR, so it turned out alright.

Kathi found out that the music catalogue is on some dated technology.  Wonder if there is a SQL Server 6.1 machine tucked in there too.

One of the best things of the night was the KJ… who looked a lot like Stifler from American Pie.


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