“Unofficial” SQLKaraoke From Monday

The official SQLKaraoke event is planned for Wednesday, but that didn’t stop about 40 people from cabbing down to Bush Gardens last night.  There were songs, friends, long islands, and laughter to fill the entire venue. 

We found out a new Bush Gardens pro tip last night.  It turns out the KJ has more than 1,000 songs available that are not listed in the books.  When you come out on other unofficial or official nights, bring your thinking cap and creativity because the song you want he probably has.

Here’s the first video from Monday.  There are others, but I am awaiting permission from the singers before posting them.  Of course, I approve all video taken of myself, usually.  It’s me singing Cecilia in the tune of SQL but with no preparation.

Pro tip #2 for this post – chances are that even tonight on yet another non-SQL Karaoke night that some of us will be at Bush Gardens.

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