SQL Karaoke – MVP Style


As is typical when a bunch of SQL Server Professionals get together, karaoke is happening. When? RIGHT NOW! The MVPs have gathered in Seattle for their Summit. They are having a huge party at the CenturyLink Field. Part of this party includes SQLRockaroke. I am watching the posts and pictures on Twitter, and it looks like they are singing karaoke to a live band. Jason Strate (@StrateSQL) and Jorge Segarra (@SQLChicken) kicked it off. I don’t know any more details, but I’m sure Jason will write about it later!

BTW – There are rumors that the crew may or may not be going to Bush Gardens later.

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  1. Chris Shaw says:

    I have to ask….

    Did someone get a clip of the Queen song that night?


    1. sqlkaraoke says:

      Good question. I’ll look through the videos that I have.


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