My First SQLKaraoke Experience


Once upon a time (12 or so years ago), I thought karaoke was geeky. Who would want to stand in front of a bunch of people and sing? I could understand if it was a choir event, or you are starring in a musical, but really? At a bar???

Then, my two best friends, brought me to karaoke for my bachelorette party. It was pretty fun, but then again, what isn’t in that situation? Fast forward a bit, and singing in front of strangers became one of the main things those two friends and I did when we got together. Karaoke is a lot of fun. Even more so when you have some really BAD people that think they’re really good! Also, alcohol coming into play can really enhance the experience!!

The fun of karaoke cannot possibly be understood until you have experienced SQLKaraoke!!! Last year, I went to my first SQLSat in Chicago. I had NO idea how much fun it would be, or that I would meet so many AWESOME people!!

SQLKaraoke is not just about standing up, singing karaoke… it’s hard to put into words just what kind of experience it is… you might get @Markvsql singing a Star Wars version of Copa Cabana, or <a @StrateSQL and @Grrl_geek singing, “By the Dashboard Lights.” You might even be lucky enough to hear various people changing lyrics of songs to make them into SQL songs… There seems to be an element of making fun of yourself that seems to be closely tied into the night, which adds another element of fun.

In short, all those years ago, when I thought Karaoke was for Geeks, I was so right! I was right in the most fun way possible!!! If you are at a SQL event, and don’t go to SQLKaraoke, you are missing out on the best part!

Just for fun – here’s a video of our whole group doing “We Go Together.” This was at the end of the night – not that they would have let us go on after this performance!! HAHAHA!!

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