Interview with Wendy Pastrick

SQL Karaoke is a place to meet up with a number of people in our SQL Server community.  Some of them like, Wendy Pastrick (Blog @wendy_dance), bring a bubble of life to the party and belt out some great songs.  In today’s interview, we’ll hear what she thinks about SQL Karaoke.

Who are you?

Wendy Pastrick

When did you first SQLKaraoke?

I don’t recall the year but it was at Bush Garden in Seattle

What is your favorite SQLKaraoke song?

I’ve branched out a lot over the past couple of years, but I still love singing ‘I Will Survive’ or ‘U Oughtta Know’

What is your favorite SQLKaraoke singer?

Human (?)

Do you SQLKaraoke?

Based on answers above…Yes!

What was the best SQL Karaoke moment that you’ve experienced?

The first night I went to SQL Karaoke and we all got up and sang at the end “Bohemian Rhapsody” But the one that I still makes me laugh the hardest is our young KJ from Bush Garden singing ‘In Da Club’ , oh and then there was Colin Stasiuk (Blog | @ColinStasiuk) doing “Safety Dance” and he spelled SAFTEY wrong….and ….and…sooo many good times 🙂

What are you thinking right “meow”?

“I hope we can SQLKaraoke at SQL Saturday in Kalamazoo

Anything you want to add?

Putting in your friends names anonymously and picking songs for them can end up with varied results. One of my favorites was singing with Christina Leo (Blog | @christinaleo) “Welcome to the Jungle”. It could have been a disaster. We could have refused. We didn’t – we got up there and owned it and had a blast! If you end up getting called to sing, just go with it – no one cares if it sucks, as long as it’s FUN!

Want to be interviewed?  Contact Jason Strate through twitter.

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