Interview with Tim Mitchell

As we’ve mentioned here before, SQL Karaoke is a great place to meet up with people in the SQL Server community.  This week, we are meeting Tim Mitchell (Blog | @tim_mitchell).  Tim is one of those that comes to SQL Karaoke and is a pretty decent singer.  Without further ado, here is what Tim thinks about SQL Karaoke…

Who are you? Tim Mitchell

When did you first SQLKaraoke? I think it was 2009, on my first trip to PASS in Seattle.

What is your favorite SQLKaraoke song? Without question, it’s “In This Club” done by Allen, the karaoke DJ at Bush Garden.

What is your favorite SQLKaraoke singer? That’s tough – there are so many good entertaining singers at SQLKaraoke… Arlene Gray doing the Rocky Horror Picture Show song… Jason Strate with the “da ba dee da ba di” thing, Patrick LeBlanc making up his own T-SQL lyrics on stage… Rick Heigis and Chuck Heinzelman singing, uh, whatever the hell it is they’re singing.

Do you SQLKaraoke? Of course! I do a mean Elvis (“just a hunka hunka burnin’ love…”) and some smooth Sonny and Cher with my friend Kathi Kellenberger.

What was the best SQL Karaoke moment that you’ve experienced? The MVP summit of 2010. We had just about every SQL MVP on the planet in Bush Garden, almost everyone sang, and we capped it off by everyone doing a monster rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody”. It was epic.

What are you thinking right “meow”? Chinese food.

Anything you want to add? SQL Karaoke is for everyone. If you’re a singer, you’ll fit in. If you prefer not to sing, there are lots of others just like you who simply come to laugh at the rest of us. Don’t know anybody there? You might arrive not knowing anyone, but I promise you that you’ll leave with some new friends. Don’t care to stay out all night? No worries, it’s come-and-go, stay as long as you like. Worried about getting back to your hotel? It’s a short cab ride, and you can usually find someone to split a cab with. Have to get up early and you’re worried about being out late? There’s coffee at the summit. No excuses! Get out to SQL Karaoke.

Want to be interviewed?  Contact Jason Strate through twitter.

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