Interview with Thomas LaRock

When it comes to SQL Karaoke, someone needs to watch over us and see over the entertainment.  That job has seem to fallen to Thomas LaRock (Blog | @SQLRockstar).  While not often a singer, he sees and knows when the songs, and sometimes the dancing, are good.  Here are his answers to the SQL Karaoke inteview.

Who are you?

The Happymaker

When did you first SQLKaraoke?

In 2006, with Aunt Kathi (Blog | @auntkathi), Todd Robinson (Blog | @DevSQL), and Allen Kinsel (Blog | @sqlinsaneo ) at Bush Gardens.

What is your favorite SQLKaraoke song?

Birthday Sex by the KJ at Bush Gardens

What is your favorite SQLKaraoke singer?

The KJ at Bush Gardens

Do you SQLKaraoke?

I am mostly a voyeur

What was the best SQL Karaoke moment that you’ve experienced?

Watching Scott Gleason give the bum’s rush to some dude at Bush Garden

What are you thinking right “meow”?

That answering these questions has distracted me from more serious internet endeavors, like LOLcats

Anything you want to add?

Yes, zeros to the end of my paycheck

Want to be interviewed?  Contact Jason Strate through twitter.

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