Interview with Mark Vaillancourt

As we’ve mentioned here before, SQL Karaoke is a great place to meet up with people in the SQL Server community.  This week, we are meeting Mark Vaillancourt (Blog | @markvsql), or for those that know him already, just interviewing him.  Mark has made quite an impact when he comes out to SQLKaraoke.  One thing that I’ve heard Mark say when it comes to karaoke is that he can sing, but only in someone else’s voice.  So now, let’s see what Mark has to say on the subject.

Who are you?
I am Mark Vaillancourt, and information management consultant focusing in the BI space. I have degrees in English and Theater, so naturally I am a database consultant. I also spent 3 years in a TheatreSports Improvised Comedy troupe, which was an awesome outlet for the just flat out weird stuff that goes on in my head.

When did you first SQLKaraoke?
I first did SQLKaraoke at SQL Saturday #31 in Chicago back in 2010. I hadn’t really heard of SQLKaraoke before and it took me a bit before I felt comfortable trying it.

What is your favorite SQLKaraoke song?
My first song was Louis Armstrong’s It’s a Wonderful World. The twist was that I did it AS Louis Armstrong. My Louis is actually pretty good, so it went over well.

What is your favorite SQLKaraoke singer?
In the Talent category, David Maxwell (Blog | @dmmaxwell) can rock out Pearl Jam like nobody’s bidness.

In the “oh my gawd that’s seom funny sh..stuff” category, that would be the one and only Jason Strate (Blog| @StrateSQL).

Do you SQLKaraoke?
I SQLKaraoke at every opportunity. With the improve comedy over and done with, SQLKaraoke is a great way to let off some nutty steam.

What are you thinking right “meow”?
Having a cat is like having a two-year-old with no thumbs.

Anything you want to add?
SQLKaraoke, for those who don’t know, is an AMAZING way to network with people. There are people that only know of my existence because of SQLKaraoke. I hope, one day, to be known for more than that, but it’s a great start.

Want to be interviewed?  Contact Jason Strate through twitter.

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