Hangin’ With the Cool Kids


One of the perks of attending after hours events such as SQLKaraoke, is getting to hang out with all the cool kids! You will find MVP’s such as Jason Strate (@StrateSQL), Ted Krueger (@onpnt), Jen and Sean McCown (@midnightDBA), Tom LaRock (@SQLRockstar), Tim Mitchell (@Tim_Mitchell), Jorge Segarra (@sqlchicken), Rick Heiges (@heigesr2), Grant Fritchey (@GFritchey), Bill Graziano (@billgraziano) and possibly others I forgot. Please, don’t strike me down if I missed you! You also get a chance to hang out with MCM Denny Cherry (@mrdenny) (though, I’ve heard others may make an appearance too). There are also some really cool Microsoft people like Kathi Kellenberger (@auntkathi), la madre de sqlkaraoke, who are regulars at sqlkaraoke night too. What’s not to love about that list of awesome SQL Peeps?

If you aren’t sure what to do after hours during the PASS Summit week, check out Denny’s blog about it.

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