Another Look at SQL Karaoke


Karaoke is for everyone. It’s not just about picking a song and singing to background music. It’s not about trying to be the best singer in the group. In fact, part of the fun of karaoke is watching people who can’t sing!

As someone who attends karaoke every few months, I have come to realize that many people have their standard songs that they do every time. I usually sing Madonna and Shania Twain (though I’m working on some new ones), my friend Katie always sings “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'”. The same may be true with #sqlkaraoke. Jason Strate (twitter|blog) usually can be found singing (if you can call it that) “Blue”. (I’m not going to post a video… you’ll have to come to PASS Summit or a SQLSat to experience that) I have heard that there are also times when people literally close their eyes and randomly choose songs to “sing”. I have not yet had the joy to experience that, but I’m guessing that when I go to the Summit this fall, I will.

As much as SQLKaraoke is fun and goofing around, there really are some talented people in the SQL Community. Besides the fact that there are some great singers (so I’ve heard), there are novice chefs, amazing artists, and fantastic impersonators. Mark Vallaincourt (twitter|blog) happens to have a background in improv. He can impersonate (and do it well) characters such as Yoda, Louis Armstrong, and Bob Dylan (though, that one might be considered a bit annoying by non-Dylan fans). Here is a video of him singing “Wonderful World.”

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